Ballet Curriculum

Levels I – VI offered.
The recommended classes/week in order to be considered for level advancement is:

  • Ballet I – minimum of 2 classes per week
  • Ballet II- minimum of 3 classes per week
  • Ballet III*- minimum of 5-6 classes per week
    *To be considered for Pointe, a minimum of 3 technique classes and 1 Pre-Pointe class is recommended
  • Ballet IV – VI- (for the serious student) we recommended unlimited classes.

Observation of ballet classes will be permitted once every three months. Observation weeks are held once each quarter. Teacher/Parent conferences are available by appointment only.

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Class Divisions-Jazz, Tap & Lyrical

Placement is based on each individual student. Advancement is contingent upon the technical ability, strength, and attendance of the student. The number of classes required weekly is decided by the teacher in accordance with their class level. Teacher/Parent/Student conferences are available by appointment only.

Dress Code

Laguna Dance Theatre requires that all students maintain a professional dress code. We require clean simple attire that will not detract from the purpose of training dancers.

Ballet–All Levels

Hair must be in a professional bun. No ponytails or loose hair around the face will be permitted. Tights must be worn at all times.


Pink tights, leotards or leotards with skirts attached. Please no tutus or costumes.

Ballet I-VI

Pink tights, solid colored leotards. White or pink shoes.

Advanced or Professional

Black tights and skirts may be worn. No shorts or shirts please!

Men–All Levels

Solid color T-shirt (white preferred), black tights. White or black shoes with white socks.

Jazz & Tap–All Levels

Black jazz pants, solid colored leotard, jazz shoes and hair pulled off face.