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Inspiring the Love of Dance



In this division students will study the Vagonova Method of Classical Ballet and work to develop correct alignment, technique, strength, flexibility, coordination, musicality, and artistry. Students can expect to remain in each level for 1-2 years until complete mastery of the curriculum is achieved. Discipline, hard work, and determination are required of all students in order to progress. Students must be able to fulfill the minimum number of required hours per level in order to enroll. Please contact us for more information regarding tuition and enrollment.

Beginning Division (Levels 1-2)

(Ages 6-9)  2-4 hours per week

One year of prior training required. In this level the basics of classical technique are introduced with an emphasis on placement of the arms and legs, alignment of the spine, building external rotation in the hips, basic barre work (facing the barre), jumps, and conditioning.

Beginning Intermediate Division (Level 3)

(Ages 7-12) 7.5 hours per week required 

Two years of prior training required. In this level students continue to build on the concepts introduced in the Beginning Levels and work to increase their overall flexibility and strength. Barre work is done with one hand on the barre and the coordination of the head with the arms is introduced. More work on demi-pointe is added to begin building strength for pointe. Beginning turns are taught and more complex jumps are also introduced at this level.

Intermediate Division (Levels 4-5)

(Ages 9-14) 11 hours per week required

Intermediate level required. In this level students will begin work on pointe and add more complexity to their movements. They will focus on coordination of the entire body as well as musicality and artistry.

Advanced Division (Levels 6-7)

(Ages 12-18) 15 hours per week required

Advanced level required. In this level students will continue to refine their technical and artistic abilities and work to further develop their pointe work, grand tours, and grand allegro. They will also focus on expanding their performance repertoire and versatility in different styles.

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